• 19, June, 2017 02:20:57

      What Towbar do I need?

    What is a Towbar? A towbar or tow hitch is a device fitted to the chassis of a vehicle to enable the towing of caravans, trailers etc. Thinking of buying a Towbar? Whether you have bought a new car or plan on fitting a towbar to your existing vehicle, our frequently asked questions are here to ensure you have all the information you need before making your purchase. What Towbar do I need?There are two different types of fixed and detachable towbars: swan neck and flange. Towbars are vehicle specific so some will only suit one style of bar but with newer vehicles there ...
  • 31, January, 2017 05:13:12

      Best Cars for Towing 2017

    With the 17 registrations launching in March and Caravan season fast approaching, we thought we would take a look at the best cars for towing in 2017. Towbars can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles, however some are designed to provide improved comfort, ease and safety to the driver. Large SUV’s and 4x4’s may seem like the obvious choice, however there are plenty of affordable family cars that work just as well.1. BMW X5Towing Capacity: 2700kg – 3500kgRetail Price (new): From £46,260The X5 is the flagship 4x4 by BMW so it is no surprise that this is included ...
  • 07, June, 2017 12:53:37

      Dash Cam Buying Guide

    With so much choice it can be hard to know what you really need. We have compiled this key features guide to help you choose the right Dash Camera for you!
  • 25, May, 2017 12:33:57

      Monitor their driving with the SW224 Dash Cam

    Brand new in store & online -the super HD Silent Witness SW224 Dash camera. The latest in car CCTV system from Silent Witness boasts impressive features including built in WIFI and driver behaviour tracking. The tracking feature allows you to monitor speed, acceleration and braking of the vehicle while it’s in use, all of which can be monitored from your smart phone by a free compatible app. So, who is this for? Any business owners who allow other employees the use of a company vehicle will benefit from the features offered by the SW224. However, vehicle tracking and camera systems are becoming more ...
  • 19, April, 2017 03:20:39

      Driving Test Changes for 2017

    Smart Motorways, advanced driving features and complex computer software are all factors contributing to a significant change in the way we drive and behave whilst behind the wheel. As a result, the DVSA (The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) have analysed ‘modern’ driving behavior to establish the impact on Britain’s roads and re-evaluate what constitutes a safe driver. Consequently, this has led to the plans to change the UK driving test in 2017. Coming into effect in December, it will include new features that are more realistic and acknowledge the advancements within the automotive industry.So, what will change? • increase the ‘independent ...