• Autowatch Ghost 2 with Shadow Pro Kit

The Shadow is a security add-on unit for the Ghost-II. The Shadow can add a siren without compromising the location of the Ghost-II device. Alternatively, the Shadow can be used to connect to a tracking system like the Compass to give a covert warning of attempted theft. The shadow is connected to the same CAN data network as the Ghost-II but is located away from the Ghost-II unit. 

The Shadow will trigger under the following conditions (*this is general operation, implementation varies between vehicle makes & models):

  • Two or three attempts to start the engine if the starter inhibit mode is selected
  • 15 seconds of ignition switched on after the engine has been stalled or gearbox locked without entering the disarm sequence
  • Wheel movement without entering the disarm sequence
  • Attempted new key learning 
  • Anti-hijack once the vehicle has come to a stand and no disarm sequence has been entered
  • The ignition is switched on and the Ghost-II does not respond or has been removed

The Shadow also has a miniature internal relay that can be used as a backup immobilisation should the Ghost-II be found and removed. This gives an extra layer of protection against a thief who has time to rip apart a vehicle to look for the Ghost-II unit. This relay immobilisation can also be used to add engine stall and anti-hijack features to vehicles where this cannot be done via the CAN data connection alone. 

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Autowatch Ghost 2 with Shadow Pro Kit

  • Brand: Autowatch
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