Radio Decodes & Repairs

Radio Decodes & Repairs

At Mobile Solutions UK our team of vehicle accessories specialists can unlock almost any Car Radio. Please call us today for assistance on decoding your car radio equipment.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

Battery went flat and can’t find your radio security code?

Bought a second-hand car and didn’t get the radio code with it?

Radio not accepting the code you were given?

Radio displaying "Safe"?

Car Radio Decoding

These are common situations that the modern motorist may encounter, let our technical team handle your radio decodes and get your system working again.

Radio Repair Centre

We can supply radio codes for most makes of car radio currently in the UK. Decodes done while you wait, normally within 15 minutes. This includes removing the radio from the vehicle. No appointment necessary.

At Mobile Solutions, we are able to repair most leading makes of In – Car electronic systems whether it's your In-Car Entertainment centre, Cat5 tracker, Parrot car kit, CD changer or your Sat Nav system.

We have unrivalled specialist knowledge of the commercial vehicle accessories fitted in your vehicle. From our technical centre in Derby, we can offer you an onsite full diagnostic service wherever you are located in the UK. We offer this service for all the leading makes of vehicles and ICE systems.

We offer a nationwide installation and repair service to both individual customers, and dealership and fleet operators. Whether your vehicle is a car, van, truck, motorhome or 4x4, give our repair centre team a call and we’ll get your car stereo system working again in no time.

Please call for a no obligation quotation on 0845 604 6889.