Going Away or Driving Home for Christmas? 

Make sure you have everything you need for your journey this festive season. 

Whether long distance or short distance there are a few things that can make your journey easier. Here is our guide to getting from A to B this Winter.

Travelling with Children? 

DVD’s and Games on the move can be a great way of keeping those back-seat passengers entertained. DVD Headrests are therefore a popular choice for family vehicles. With the option to have them matched to the interior of your car, you can get the factory fitted look and some peace and quiet! What’s more, the kids can play and watch different things on each screen, so no arguments or tantrums! 

Another alternative to the fitted headrests are the handy detachable tablet mounts. Clipped straight to the headrest bars these can be added and removed easily but still provide a safe and sturdy solution to attach your tablet for those movies on the move. 

Make a playlist! 

Tired of constantly switching radio stations to find a song you like? Why not create a playlist for you and your passengers to make your journey full of fun with christmas Car-eoke! 

Handsfree car kits can be a great way to connect your phone safely via Bluetooth to your vehicle allowing music to be played through the speakers in your car. Incoming calls will then also be able to come in through the vehicle, automatically cutting the music to have a clear conversation with no interruption from the car stereo

Not sure which exit to take? 

Relying on your passenger in the front seat to give you directions from google maps when they are distracted by Snapchat & Instagram can be annoying! Magic Mount Phone Holders can be bought for as little as £24 and will safely secure your phone to your windscreen so you can clearly follow the Sat Nav apps on your smartphone


Road Trip 2017

It’s as much about the journey as the destination. If you and your family/friends are planning to take the scenic route to your destination, why not capture it on camera and create your very own film. You never know what you might discover! 

Nobody wants a flat Phone Battery! 

Stay supercharged with an in-car Charger or for those choosing a more adventurous break this winter, RavPower portable power pack. Both of these products will ensure your smartphone battery stays full during your journey and ready to go when you arrive at your destination.