How to replace a Headlight Bulb in 4 simple steps 

All cars have headlights and sidelights and depending on the year of the car they will either have halogen bulbs or xenon bulbs. Xenon bulbs are filled with xenon gas and give off a much brighter white light. They are also referred to as HID (high-intensity discharge) lights.

Replacing a halogen bulb is relatively straightforward, however, xenon lights feature a much higher voltage and can be fatal in the event of a shock, therefore it is advised to always seek expert assistance when dealing with HID systems. 

Step 1

Locate the bulb:

Ensure the handbrake is engaged and the ignition is off. Lift the bonnet and locate the back of the headlight housing. If you are unsure of the location refer to the owner’s manual for direction. 

Step 2

Remove the bulb:

Carefully remove the cover/housing and source the blown bulb. To release the bulb, you may need to twist out the connector, or release spring levers and disconnect the electrical connectors.

Step 3

Installing the new bulb: 

To ensure no oil comes into contact with the glass surrounding the bulb, use a clean rag or gloves to insert the new bulb into place. Any oil left on the skin, if transferred to the bulb will heat up when the bulb is lit causing damage to the glass.

Step 4

Check the bulb:

Check that the bulb is securely fastened within the light unit and the and any connectors or electrical components are reconnected. Place the cover back on to the light unit and test the light ensuring the bulb is working correctly.