How to Maintain your Car in 7 simple steps

It is important to carry out regular checks of your vehicle to ensure it remains in a safe, drivable condition. According to reports, the RAC are called out to approximately 2.5 million breakdowns a year; many of which could be avoided by carrying out these quick and easy checks.


Step 1

Checking your Lights:

Make sure you check your lights every couple of weeks. Test your main lights, side lights, fog lights and brake lights.


Step 2

Checking your oil:

Never wait for your engine oil to come on to prompt you to check it as this may mean that there is already some damage to the engine. A car can get through up to a litre of oil every 1000 miles so check it regularly, referring to your owner’s manual if you are not sure of how much/ what oil you need.


Step 3

Checking your water:

To prevent your car from overheating it needs coolant, check this every couple of weeks to prevent unnecessary breakdowns. If the coolant level always appears to be low check for any leaks. Refer to your owner’s manual for further advise.


Step 4

Checking your tyres:

Using your owner’s manual, find out the tyre pressure required for your vehicle. It is important to note that if there is increased weight carried in the car may require more than when the vehicle is just occupied by the driver. So, if your heading off on a road trip be sure to get your pressure levels topped up.


Step 5

Checking your battery:

Batteries are one of the main causes for roadside assistance call outs so if your battery is old or not working efficiently (lights may look dim, the car may not start straight away etc.) then get it checked and changed at a local garage.


Step 6

Checking your fuel:

Before any journey ensure you have sufficient fuel, taking into account long periods of traffic and distance to the nearest petrol stations. Always check the fuel cap of the vehicle if you are unsure if it requires diesel or unleaded.


Step 7

Keep it clean:

As well as looking great it’s important to keep a car clean inside and out. Check your screen wash every couple of weeks and remove any dirt, bird excrement and bugs from your vehicle as these can cause damage to paintwork if left.