How to look after your Towbar in 5 simple steps

Towbars are accustom to wear and tear over time as they are subject to stress, weather conditions, and general use. However, they are straight forward to maintain and you can ensure they remain in good condition by following these 5 simple steps:

Step 1

Regular Inspection: 

Get to know what your towbar looks like once you’ve had it installed. If you are familiar with the neck and electrics, it will be easier to distinguish if something is broken, missing or loose. 

Step 2 

Check and Tighten:

Tighten any loose joints, fixings or levers. There shouldn’t be any movement in the fixings, if there are, get it checked by a professional in case any parts or bolts need replacing. 

Step 3

Keep it clean:

Focusing on the points of contact, keep the towbar, housings, and neck free of any dirt and corrosion. Never use grease or lubricants on the bar, to clean use a soft cloth.

Step 4

Detachable Necks:

If you have a detachable towbar, ensure the neck is not kept on and only attached when in use. It should be kept in a bag when not in use, detachable necks are not designed to be a permanent fixture. 

Step 5

Towbar Servicing:

It is advised to get your towbar serviced annually so that the torque settings, electrics, and fixings can be checked and replaced where necessary.