How to pair a Parrot MKI handsfree remote in 3 simple steps

If you have a Parrot MKI 9200 handsfree kit, you will have a small remote and a display screen, if the remote stops working, works intermittently or you have a replacement it may need re-pairing to the car kit. 

Step 1

Switch on the ignition:

The pairing of the remote will need to be done within 30 seconds of switching on the ignition when the handsfree kit is powering on. Wait for the graphic equalizer and Parrot logo to disappear.

Step 2 

Pairing the remote:

As soon as the car kit shows the standard display, press and hold the Red, Green and Play buttons simultaneously, the display should state ‘remote pairing’. Once this has cleared from the screen release the buttons. If however, the ‘remote pairing’ doesn’t appear, try pressing and holding the red and green buttons while continuously pressing the play button until the message appears.

Step 3 


The remote should now be synced to the car kit. To test, turn the ignition off, restart and test that all of the buttons/functions work. 

If this does not solve the problem, the issue may be down to the battery inside the remote. The MKI 9200 remotes contain a CR2032 battery, similar to a watch battery, this small round battery can be bought for as little as £2. When replacing the battery, ensure that you insert it the same way as the one removed and then follow the re-pairing instructions above.