How to prepare for a Long Car Journey in 5 simple steps


Preparation is key when planning a long journey. If you are going on a road trip here are a few tips to make sure your journey is plain sailing. 


Step 1

Vehicle checks:

Make sure to carry out a full vehicle inspection a week before you plan to travel so you have time to sort out any major problems you may have. Then check the vehicle the day before you travel making sure you fill up on the essentials: fuel, oil, coolant and screen wash. For more advice click here to see our car maintenance tips. If you have breakdown cover, be sure to take any membership cards or insurance documents with you in case of emergencies. 


Step 2

Know your route:

If you are unsure of the route, try and familiarise yourself with some of the key roads, motorways, and junctions that will form your journey. This way if anything goes wrong with navigation, you have a rough idea of where you need to be heading. Be sure to check any travel updates the night before you travel as this will inform you of any road closures, toll charges or diversions avoiding any unsuspected panic on the day.


Step 3

Food & Drink:

Service stations can be expensive, so plan ahead and make a picnic for your journey full of your favourite snacks and drinks. This can be done the night before to avoid any lengthy stops or delays to your journey. Cool bags are a great way to keep your packed lunch fresh, particularly when traveling in the summer. Always make sure you pack some bottled water and for those suffering from travel sickness, either motion sickness tablets or ginger sweets/ candy.


Step 4


 Relying on the radio may not be entertaining enough depending on the length of your journey. Instead, you could make a playlist in advance and use it to play a music quiz or just listen and relax to your favourite songs. Traveling with children? Why not pack some travel games, sticker books, tablets or invest in in-car DVD systems? Whatever you take, ensure they are fully charged and pack them up leaving them with your car keys the night before so you don’t forget them! Worse case scenario there is always eye spy.


Step 5


It is important to be comfortable both when driving or being a passenger, depending on your destination you could pack a change of clothes/footwear for when you arrive and some deodorant and chewing gum to freshen up.