How to identify Aftermarket Car Stereo Wire Colours

The simplest way to self-install an aftermarket car stereo is to use a vehicle/stereo specific wiring diagram or installation instructions. 

However, unlike OEM head units, the wiring colours used by most aftermarket manufacturers are pretty uniform so it is not compulsory to have the fitting instructions to be able to complete the install. You should be able to fit the head unit using this wiring information as a guide. 

If the head unit you are installing has the pigtail harness and it uses standard colours then the wiring colours/information should be:


Yellow wire - Constant 12volt / Memory

Red wire – Switch / Accessory 

Orange with White stripe – Illumination (on some units this will also run the dimmer function)


Black wire – Ground wire (this may have a screw type connector on the end)


Grey wire - Right front speaker (+)

Grey wire with Black Stripe - Right front speaker (-) 

White wire - Left front speaker (+) 

White wire with Black Stripe - Left front speaker (-)

Purple wire - Right rear speaker (+)         

Purple wire with Black Stripe - Right rear speaker (-) 

Green wire - Left rear speaker (+)

Green wire with Black Stripe - Left rear speaker (-) 


Blue wire – Antenna remote

Blue with White Stripe – Amplifier remote (turn on)